facebook in data trouble

Facebook backpedaling on its personal data management

Ten days after the revelation of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is still facing a flurry of criticism. Mark Zuckerberg’s mea culpa was a little late, and the social network has just announced a redesign of its mobile interface, supposed to facilitate data control by users. “What the company thought was a strong summer storm became a force five hurricane,”…

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carfit whole system

Carfit wants to democratize automotive vibration analysis.

The start-up Carfit, based in the United States and France, wants to apply the principles of “quantified self” to the automobile. They created a small connected object that analyzes vehicle vibrations to anticipate breakdowns. If wearable tech and quantified self – the recording of physical activity for self-improvement – are already losing ground, they could well inspire the automotive world.…

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google's youtube platform

Google getting blamed for the use of children’s data on YouTube

On Monday, April 9, 2018, some twenty digital rights associations filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the United States. They accuse Google of illegally collecting personal data about children via the YouTube platform and using it for targeted advertising. As Facebook falters following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it is YouTube’s turn to enter the slippery slope…

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Google Cloud platform

Sky fights football piracy with Google Cloud.

By using Google’s cloud-based analytics and machine learning technologies, UK broadcaster Sky is giving itself the means to combat piracy of Premier League football matches. A data lake is also built to exploit its data massively. UK broadcaster Sky has turned to the Big Query data warehouse and Google Cloud’s automatic learning algorithms to investigate web traffic and shut down…

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specsavers banner image

Specsavers harnesses data to sharpen its performance visibility

Leading glasses retailer completes a global technology refresh in order to take full advantage of its data in a bid to improve IT for the back-office as well as support its well know two-for-one offering. Customers With 1,500 stores and 26,000 staff across the Channel Islands, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Finland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand, Specsavers is the…

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Hilton Hotels: Getting into bed with big data

Find out how a unique in-page data capture technology delivered unprecedented detail and accuracy into its existing and future customers for the world-renowned Hilton chains of hotels. This case study was written by Celebrus Technologies Limited. Detail and accuracy Celebrus’ unique in-page data capture technology (which powers their range of customer analytics, targeted marketing and CRM solutions) delivers unprecedented detail…

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Big Data Notes 013: Data dictionary

Attempting to define the term data dictionary could conjure up imagery of a dog chasing its tail. Nevertheless, when it comes to understanding and analysing your data, the data dictionary plays a key role. Big Data Notes explains more. Right, give it to me in a nutshell. Helpfully, IBM’s ‘Dictionary of Computing’ sums it up quite nicely. It defines a…

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New technologies in marketing: at what point does sophisticated become creepy?

As part of our current focus on marketing, Imogen Putler looks into the use of big data and other innovative technologies in this area and examines consumers’ reaction to and tolerance of marketing’s increasingly sophisticated advertising methods. There have been some incredible new advances in marketing techniques over the past few years. Big data has enabled an invaluable, and hitherto…

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Automotive innovation: big data driving the changes

The world of automotive has long been a ripe breeding ground for telematics – communicative devices which transmit data back and forth between two points. When big data and real-time analytics are thrown into the mix, the opportunities for innovation are endless. Google’s driverless car may still be some way from mainstream release yet – the analyst firm IDC says…

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Big Data Notes 012: Olap (Molap, Rolap, Holap)

Online analytical processing – or OLAP, by its obligatory acronym – is an established method for business intelligence reporting. With its new incarnations, it is primed for working with big data too. Big Data Notes explains. Molap, Rolap and Holap? Sounds like the characters out of something my kids would watch… Well unless your kids are signing in to webinars…

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Man and machine: understanding our roles

Computers are getting faster and more accessible, algorithms are getting smarter. But history and our unique capabilities suggests the human’s place in the workplace will not be rendered obsolete. Mark Young explores. We are fast approaching the point where supercomputers will be able to process information quicker than the human brain. The current title-holder of the world’s fastest computer –…

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