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Why do you need web hosting for your website?

Reliable and efficient web hosting is a crucial element of any successful website. It helps to attract online traffic and generate commercial revenue.

The usability of a website is based on three pillars: good web design, search engine optimization, and solid web hosting. Simply buying a domain name is not enough, and you need a web hosting plan from a reputable web hosting company to ensure your site is visible and accessible on the Internet. There are a lot of challenges faced when hosting a website. Find below some of the biggest influences a web hosting provider can have on a company’s website.

Site security

Choosing a good web hosting provider is paramount to ensuring the security of the server on which the website is based. This is because a WordPress Hosting provider can provide a network space that is strong enough to combat online threats, hacks, and other cyber attacks.

Indeed, it can put in place things such as:

  • Regular website backups,
  • firewalls
  • and other method

These protect not only the web server but also the entire data center.

Website security is paramound in 2022 and beyond!

Data storage

The amount of data that needs to be stored on the server plays a vital role in choosing an appropriate Web Hosting service. The maximum amount of online traffic supported by the site, including concurrent users, should be determined before agreeing.

It should also be noted that setting a storage limit may result in the site being shut down when traffic is high. An excellent hosting company will offer various options depending on the storage limits and hosting needs.

Website hosting: receiving support in case of issues

It is not pleasant to have your website go offline or stop working. Sometimes this is due to a deliberate error, for example, when the site code has been changed. But on occasion, it can also be due to the host.

When a problem like this occurs, you need a dedicated support team to solve it. Indeed, solving the site’s issues alone can be tedious, especially if you lack technical skills. A good web host is always available to answer technical assistance or support requests.

Improving site performance and SEO

Loading speeds and overall site performance correlate with search engine ranking. The bounce rate will likely be high if it takes too long to load. In addition, the user experience for your visitors will be poor. Indeed, one of the main reasons for a poor user experience is the slow loading of a site’s homepage. This underlines the importance of choosing the right web hosting solution.

A poorly performing hosting solution leads to many site failures due to an excessive load on the shared server. Customers will therefore look for hosting services elsewhere where tools and software are powerful enough to overcome delays and higher traffic.