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Cloud SASE: how to improve your company’s security experience

Protecting 21st century businesses requires a new connected and automated approach to security. Find out why SASE architecture is the best way for your organization to protect its network from the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

As a result of COVID-19, enterprises quickly realized that their security infrastructure needed to evolve to meet the needs of their transformed workforces and the demands of their customers and business partners.

The cloud has continued to dominate the way companies organize their networks, but a new approach leverages the cloud in a context where security is needed as companies evolve in the post-pandemic business environment.

As employees embraced remote work, the networks they connected to quickly revealed where security needed to be quickly improved. The company that wanted to move to a “Zero Trust” model and abandon its existing hardware-based perimeter protection found that cloud-based SASE was the way to go.

One of the most mature SASE deployments on the market today is Juniper’s Mist AI. Designed for the cloud, to learn more about how Mist AI and SASE can deliver unprecedented levels of network security to your business, Juniper’s recent webinar – “5 Ways Improved Security and Intelligent Connectivity Can Improve Your Business Performance,” provides a comprehensive overview of how your business can migrate to a SASE model today.

All companies are redesigning their digital transformation roadmaps in the wake of the pandemic. These plans are predicated on increasing their use of cloud-based services. Embracing the cloud as a fundamental component of your company’s security posture will provide the flexible network access your staff needs, all within a defined security environment that SASE can create.

Connected Security

According to Gartner, by 2025, at least 60% of organizations will have explicit strategies and timelines for SASE adoption that include user, branch and edge access, up from 10% in 2020.

This is a significant jump in SASE adoption, and speaks volumes about the powerful flexibility that SASE deployments can offer any organization looking to overhaul its digital security from scratch. Having the ability to manage security from any location that includes all devices connected to the network, provides comprehensive, integrated cloud-based protection that was simply not possible until now.

Juniper developed its SASE model to meet the demands of today’s enterprises, who understand that a critical component of their business is how they manage cybersecurity on its networks. For example, our recent webinar takes a close look at how network security, especially in an environment that is often dominated by Wi-Fi, requires a flexible approach that the cloud can offer your business.

Your SASE journey

Your enterprise SASE journey begins with understanding how your enterprise will adopt the SASE architecture in support of your new security environment. Juniper has a long history of working with organizations across a wide range of industries and sectors. It is critical to create and then deliver a comprehensive, integrated, and unified security policy across your entire enterprise network.

Transforming your company’s security to a SASE-based model has many components that must be considered. The key right now is, of course, how ongoing mass remote working will be supported and secured. Here, SASE cloud partnerships are ideal, as once deployed, this security posture can grow and evolve as your business does.

Companies looking to take their business to the next level and secure all of their network access can use SASE to reduce complexity, which in turn removes much of the operational overhead that your business can suffer.Using Mist AI coupled with a SASE cloud deployment is a proven path to robust, comprehensive security that is future-focused.

To learn more about how your organization can transform its network security with advanced AI, watch the webinar “5 Ways Improved Security and Intelligent Connectivity Can Improve Your Business Performance” today.