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The 3 biggest Cloud services providers have earned nearly $22 billion in one quarter in 2019!

In just one quarter, the three leaders of the Amazon Web Services Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud generated nearly $22 billion in revenue. Proof, if one were needed, that the growth of the cloud never ends.

The cloud continues its rapid growth. If you don’t believe it, look at the revenues generated by the three market leaders in the third quarter of 2019.

Amazing growth and profits

In total, it is estimated that the combined revenues of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have reached $22 billion over the past three months. A staggering sum that reflects how the cloud is making its mark in companies in all sectors.

In comparison, over the same period in 2018, the three giant cloud companies had revenues of $16 billion. The evolution is, therefore, impressive.

Amazon Web Services remains the leading cloud leader, with nearly 33% of the market share, according to analysts. Its sales for this quarter amounted to $9 billion. Amazon’s overall growth rate has fallen from 45% to 35%, but this remains a very satisfactory rate.

For its part, Microsoft, which has a 16% market share, reports cloud revenues of around $11 billion. These revenues include the Azure Cloud, but also SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, its consulting activities, and more. The Redmond firm is in second place in the market.

The growth of its cloud has also slowed from 76% to 59% in one year. However, again, this slowdown is not surprising given the size of the business. Also, Microsoft has just been chosen as a cloud provider by the Pentagon. A $10 billion contract, spread over ten years.

Cloud: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google continue to grow

Finally, Google Cloud closed the podium and moved up to third place with an 8% market share. However, Mountain View is the fastest growing of these three leaders.

This strong growth is mainly due to the replacement of Diane Greene by Thomas Kurian at the end of 2018 as Division Director. Google does not accurately disclose the revenues generated by its Cloud division, but it is estimated that these revenues have doubled in 18 months to approximately $2 billion per quarter.

However, it should be noted that these revenues include both infrastructure services dedicated to businesses and consumer SaaS tools such as the G Suite. It is not the case for the other two providers, whose SaaS revenues are separate from infrastructure revenues.

Of course, these revenues will continue to increase over the coming months as more companies adopt the cloud. The three leaders should maintain their respective positions, but competition from Chinese giants may upset this balance.

In the very long term, it is also possible that new players will surpass these pioneers. However, AWS, Google, and Microsoft have invested considerable sums in the cloud and data centers, and this gives them an undeniable advantage.