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Hilton Hotels: Getting into bed with big data

Find out how a unique in-page data capture technology delivered unprecedented detail and accuracy into its existing and future customers for the world-renowned Hilton chains of hotels.

This case study was written by Celebrus Technologies Limited.

Detail and accuracy

hilton hotels logoCelebrus’ unique in-page data capture technology (which powers their range of customer analytics, targeted marketing and CRM solutions) delivers unprecedented detail and accuracy. This is achieved by the way it captures the customer’s interaction at the user interface (inside the web page) and makes this data available to allow the site owner to tailor the site to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Hilton Hotels Corporation, the leading global hospitality company, decided to use a Celebrus solution to augment the data from their WebTrends installation and help them better understand the visitors to their sites and measure the quality of user experience the new site was delivering. However, they wanted to be sure that the Celebrus technology would itself not affect site performance.

As Malcolm Duckett, VP Operations at Celebrus explains: “Our customers are typically very focussed on maintaining high service quality to their customers, and are therefore concerned that Celebrus technology will not affect site performance or customer experience because of the depth of data captured and Celebrus’ unique approach.”

Performance tested

Duckett continuea: “While a technical analysis of Celebrus’ Dynamic Collection™ technology suggests that there will be negligible impact and in some cases an improvement in performance, many customers really want to see that proven on their own site. So as part of the deployment on Hilton’s “Pangea” web site, they decided to do a ‘before and after’ analysis of performance with and without Celebrus’ technology in place.”

Hilton Hotels’ web team undertook this analysis, using a website performance monitoring system, and results showed that in fact, the website performed with no perceptible difference in speed once the Celebrus system was in place.
Oystein Ulrichsen, HICOM Operations Manager for Hilton Hotels, comments, “We identified the impact of the Celebrus script and there was less than a half second, one-off, penalty for each user to download the main script, and subsequently a few milliseconds for data transfers to Celebrus on each page.”

Improvement in site performance

Duckett comments: “It is a great result and validates our claims, analysis and the experience of other Celebrus customers – we need to thank Hilton for being good enough to share their data. This insight shows that switching from a traditional tag-based web analytics to Celebrus’ tag-free technology will typically result in an improvement in site performance due to the reduction in tagging overhead.”

As Oystein Ulrichsen says, “The Celebrus technology only incurs a one-time overhead for each user whereas a traditional tagging solution results in a tagging overhead on every page viewed from the site.”