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Big data infographic

The business intelligence company Domo has created an infographic illustrating how much online activity there is every minute of the day.

One of the key contributors to big data’s rise to prominence is the amount of data gathered and stored from the Internet. With the amount of time people spend online increasing day-by-day, there is masses of data from a wealth of sources from which organisations can capture data.

To offer a sense of perspective on the sheer scale of how much data is generated online, Domo, a business intelligence company, has created an infographic (below) which illustrates how much activity leading websites and online applications experience every minute.

Some of the companies named in the graphic – the likes of Google, Facebook and e-retailers like eBay – have been putting this data to good use for some time now. From mapping customer trends to identifying consumer behaviour, examining the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign to improving engagement with your website, extracting insight from this data can have a positive impact on the way your company engages with existing and potential customers.

At the 2nd Big Data Insight Group Nilan Peiris, chief marketing technology officer at, explained how his company has reaped the benefits of using the kinds of data Domo includes in its infographic in an intelligent way. A full video of his case study presentation can be seen here.